Shiba Memu Rides Wave of AI-Led Meme Coin Mania, Raises $994K!

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• Shiba Memu (SHMU) has raised $994,000 in a two-week presale.
• The AI-led meme token is attracting huge investor interest due to its self-sufficiency and 24/7 capability.
• Shiba Memu boasts itself as a showoff capable of doing the work of 100 marketing agencies.

Shiba Memu: A Self-Sufficient AI-Led Meme Token

Shiba Memu (SHMU) has caused quite a stir in the cryptocurrency market with its two week presale raising nearly $994,000 from investors who are betting big on the AI led meme token. Unlike other meme projects that require large budgets for marketing, Shiba Memu leverages the power of artificial intelligence to be self-sufficient and generate hype on its own. This technology allows Shiba Memu to learn from successful campaigns and create more intelligent and powerful advertising. The project also boasts that it can do the work of 100 marketing agencies, making it an incredibly low maintenance meme coin that could yield high returns over time.

What Does Shiba Memu Do?

The use of AI technology enables Shiba Memu to interact directly with users through its robotic dashboard. This allows users to give feedback, ask questions, provide suggestions and interact with the project in real time – something which investors have been increasingly looking for when it comes to decentralized autonomous organisations. On top of this, the project is able to market itself on social networks and forums 24/7 without any human intervention or input required – giving it even more appeal as an investment option moving forward.

Why Is Everyone Betting Big On SHMU?

The combination of artificial intelligence, self-sufficiency and 24/7 capability makes Shiba Memu one of the most attractive investments in 2023 so far. With leading meme coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu reeling from crypto winter effects, investors are turning their attention toward something new such as SHMU – causing a frenzy around the project’s presale that is expected to continue once listed for public trading.

How Can I Invest In SHMU?

For those interested in investing in SHMU you can purchase tokens directly through their website at shibamemutoken[dot]io or through popular exchanges like Binance or KuCoin where they are listed for sale.


As one of the latest entries into the cryptocurrency space, SHMU is already making waves amongst investors looking for something new – all thanks to its pioneering use of AI technology combined with its ability to market itself almost completely autonomously whilst offering direct interaction with users via a robotic dashboard interface. With plenty more excitement still yet to come from this project – now could be a great time to get involved!