Shiba Inu Gains 6%, 50M Shiba Memu Tokens Snapped Up in Meme Craze

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• Shiba Inu has seen a 6% increase in value following Shibarium news.
• Over 50 million tokens of Shiba Memu (SHMU) have been purchased during the presale, raising nearly $1.5 million.
• The strong investor interest in meme cryptocurrencies is indicative of their growing popularity.

Shiba Inu Gains

Shina Inu has risen by over 6% amid positive Shibarium news. Shibarium is expected to give Shiba Inu more utility, including powering the project’s metaverse dream. For enthusiasts, Shiba Inu can take on established blockchains and cryptocurrencies, making it a top gainer among the top 20 cryptos this week with its 6% increase in value.

Growing Popularity of Meme Cryptocurrencies

Meme cryptocurrencies continue to attract interest despite crypto markets remaining mixed. Investors bought over 50,000,000 tokens of Shiba Memu (SHMU) during its presale, generating nearly $1.5 million as an indication of their growing popularity in the market.

Shiba Memu Presale

The fast-selling Shiba Memu presale suggests that investors are still banking on tokens that drive overnight hype. The AI and blockchain-led project has huge potential from its AI application and is a self-marketing cryptocurrency that leverages artificial intelligence for marketing purposes.

Criticism for Shibe Inu

Shibe Inu also attracts criticism from some quarters due to its delayed launch of Shibarium and lack of perceived utility or value at times by some critics . Despite some criticism however the token continues to show bullish sentiment amongst investors who are attracted by its ability to challenge traditional blockchain technology .


The success of both current and upcoming meme cryptocurrencies indicates an increasing level investor confidence in these projects and their ability to generate value for investors . With this increased confidence comes further investment opportunities which could see meme token prices reach new highs in the coming months .