Google Trends shows that searches for the term „Bitcoin“ reached an annual high when the price reached $19,400

Data from Google Trends show that searches for the word „Bitcoin“ increased to an annual high when the price of BTC rose to USD 19,400.

Today, the Bitcoin price (BTC) extended its rally to a new all-time high when the price rose to USD 19,412 in the morning trading session.
Daily performance of the cryptcoin market.

Determining the true historical maximum of BTC is debatable, as several exchanges show different figures. For example, Coinbase shows the level of USD 19,892 as the historical maximum of Bitcoin, while BitMEX and Binance show USD 19,891 and USD 19,799 respectively. Therefore, for most traders, the USD 20,000 is likely to be the point of interest that will solidify BTC to a new all-time high.

Will printing money stop Bitcoin from reaching its all-time high?

The breakout of the $19,000 level happened faster than many expected, especially after Bitcoin’s price plummeted to $18,000 in the afternoon of November 23rd. This drop occurred about the same time as the 30% drop in XRP on Coinbase after the altcoin reached the USD 0.92 level.
Bitcoin price and sentiment chart (per hour).


Data from TheTie, a social analysis data platform, shows that while the price of Bitcoin lost its momentum on November 22 and 23, sentiment took a major hit when traders anticipated a possible retest of the lower supports in the area below USD 18,000.

3 reasons why the price of Bitcoin faces a big hurdle at $20,000

Bitcoin price compared to daily sentiment score.

According to Joshua Frank, founder of TheTIE:


„The daily sentiment score analyzes how positive or negative investors have been in the last 24 hours over a 20-day period. This metric (daily sentiment) has been positive (above 50) since November 16 when Bitcoin was close to USD 16,000. For the daily sentiment score to remain positive, it means that conversations must become increasingly positive. So if investors have been positive in the last 20 days, they must be even more positive in the last 24 hours for the score to remain above 50.

This suggests that despite the sharp declines, say to $18,000 or less, most people who invest or are watching the price of Bitcoin still feel overwhelmingly optimistic about the prospects for the digital asset when compared to historical price and sentiment data.

The price of Bitcoin was only higher once in its history

Bitcoin searches on Google reached an annual high.


Google Trends data also shows that searches for the term ‚Bitcoin‘ also reached an annual high today, when the price rose above USD 19,000, but the figure is nowhere near the peak reached in December 2017.

What’s next for the Bitcoin price?

As we can see on the 4-hour chart, Bitcoin’s drop to USD 18,000 created a double bottom right at the key support, and the bullish side intervened to buy the drop with 3 consecutive high volume peaks.

Learn about multi-signal currency (MuSig) and create your own easily


At the time of writing, the price has fallen to the lower support of USD 18,900 and if this level is not maintained, then the next support is at USD 18,650, which is slightly above the 20-day moving average and a high volume node in the volume profile (VPVR).

Similar to the move to the $18,000, a period of consolidation and support building is normal and healthy to maintain momentum in an uptrend.

Dell company VMware launches blockchain with business focus

VMware, a Dell subsidiary that generated $10 billion in revenue last year, launched its blockchain platform with an enterprise focus.


VMware, a Dell company, launches blockchain with a corporate focusNOTÍCIAS
The large cloud computing and virtual machine company VMware has launched VMware Blockchain, a blockchain platform made for enterprises.

Owned by Dell, the billion-dollar company first tested the development of blockchain in 2018 through Project Concord, promising an enterprise-class platform that can enable secure data sharing among organizations.

VMware joins IBM and other global technology conglomerates that have launched their own blockchain platforms. The company has identified highly complex and fragmented multi-party enterprise workflows that have resulted in delays, increased costs and the hindering of innovation as core problems it intends to solve with its blockchain solution.

VMware Blockchain is now available for commercial use after being tested by the Australian Stock Exchange. The exchange plans to replace its current CHESS system with the new platform, although this has recently been postponed to April 2023.

International fintech company Broadridge Financial Solutions is using VMware’s solution to develop „blockchain-based solutions to transform capital market infrastructure“ according to Broadridge’s head of DLT Repo, Horacio Barakat. He added that the platform has enabled the company to „model and enforce multiparty agreements on a scalable platform with byzantine fault tolerance“.

The Byzantine fault tolerant scalable consensus protocol mentioned was developed internally by VMware as part of Project Concord. The company has partnered with Digital Asset to incorporate intelligent Digital Asset Modeling Language contracts and also partnered with service partners such as Accenture, Infosys and Intellect EU.

The cloud computing company began in 1998 and reported revenue of $10.6 billion in fiscal 2020.

Last year, VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger condemned Bitcoin as „bad for humanity,“ claiming it is mainly used for illicit activities and has excessive high energy consumption requirements.

Wasabi Bitcoin Wallet tillkännager version 2.0 med mer integritet

Wasabi Wallet är redan utformad för att hålla transaktioner privata. Version 2.0 är utformad för att göra dem enklare.

Wasabi Wallet, en Bitcoin-mixer från zkSNACKs, får en stor uppdatering

Bitcoins sekretessföretag zkSNACKs har meddelat en större uppgradering av sin Bitcoin-plånbok, Wasabi Wallet.

I ett blogginlägg lovar företaget att Wasabi Wallet 2.0 kommer att förbättra användargränssnittet och utformningen av den ursprungliga tjänsten. Dessutom står det att uppgraderingen kommer att stärka säkerhetsåtgärderna med ett nytt anonymt referensschema som heter WabiSabi.

Den ursprungliga Wasabi-plånboken är en typ av integritetsfokuserad Bitcoin „mixer“ som syftar till att göra enskilda Bitcoin-transaktioner säkrare med CoinJoins – processer som sammanfogar flera mynt (från flera personer) till en enda transaktion. Genom att virra in- och utgångar kan det dölja identifierande information från nyfikna ögon.

Som en icke-vårdnadsplånbok har Wasabi faktiskt inga tillgångar, utan fungerar istället som en ren koordinator genom Tor – ett nätverk som prioriterar säkerhet och anonymitet genom att dölja användarnas IP-adresser.

Tjänsten ändrar sin strategi för CoinJoins med ett nytt protokoll som heter WabiSabi

Wasabi Wallet 2.0 fungerar på ungefär samma sätt, säger zkSNACKs, men med några viktiga uppgraderingar. Till att börja med, manuella CoinJoins, hävdar företaget, „kommer att höra till det förflutna, eller endast för kraftanvändare“ – vilket innebär att processen nu kommer att automatiseras.

På sekretessfronten är showens stjärna WabiSabi, en ny CoinJoin-algoritm som zkSNACKs säger ”kommer att underlätta snabbare, mer kostnadseffektiva samarbetestransaktioner utan avfall, lägga grunden för betalningar inom CoinJoins och öppna dörren för kombinationer med annan teknik. ”

Vad exakt dessa tekniker kan innebära är ännu inte känt, men WabiSabi-vitboken noterar att protokollet avskaffar blinda signaturer – ett kryptografiskt koncept som offrar en viss grad av integritet och flexibilitet, enligt zkSNACKs.

CoinJoins via den nuvarande utgåvan av Wasabi Wallet är begränsade genom att de kräver att varje kollega bidrar med en viss mängd Bitcoin, som sedan ger lika utbetalningar; med WabiSabi kan användare teoretiskt bidra med vad de vill, oavsett vad deras kamrater spenderar.

Protokollet bör öka integriteten för en typ av transaktion som redan är privat

CoinJoins har blivit ett populärt sätt att säkerställa integritet i Bitcoin blockchain, för transaktioner både skadliga och inte. Den senaste sommarens Twitter-hack litade på CoinJoins via Wasabi för att maskera transaktionsspår, liksom i september KuCoin-hack.

Men det finns också många vanliga användare som lockas av Wasabi Wallets löfte om integritet för integritetsskull. I en artikel förra året som diskuterade Binances potentiella övervakning av CoinJoins genom Wasabi, citerade Decrypt en berörd Twitter-användare, @Bittlecat:

”Jag använder wasabi-plånbok just för att jag ogillar tanken på att mina transaktioner ska ses. Det är av samma anledning att vi stänger toalettdörren när vi gör våra affärer – inte för att vi gör något olagligt utan för att vi vill ha integritet. ”

Bitcoin price at $500,000 is inevitable, say Winklevoss brothers

The founders of the Gemini exchange, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, said Bitcoin (BTC) will reach US$500,000 during a recent interview with podcast presenter Peter McCormack.

„The question on our minds is not so much whether it will reach $500,000, but how quickly,“ Tyler told McCormack during the October 23 podcast episode. The thesis takes into account the market capitalization of gold and the theoretical allocation of the central bank. „I would say that Bitcoin at US$500,000 is actually very conservative and the game hasn’t even started yet,“ Cameron noted.


With MicroStrategy and other companies buying significant amounts of Bitcoins for their reserves, this seems to indicate that the market is beginning to change. „What if all the Fortune 100 or 500 companies do that, and the central banks start doing that? Cameron asked. „It hasn’t even started yet,“ he added, making an analogy with the fact that Bitcoin is at the bottom of the first in a nine-ball game.


„Wall Street is not here yet. The institutions are not in Bitcoin now. It’s a retail phenomenon in the last decade. So Wall Street talks about it, they’re aware of Bitcoin, but they’re not really in our perspective, but it’s starting to happen“.

The basis of the interview was a study by Tyler and Cameron published in August 2020, entitled: „The Case for Bitcoin at $500K“. The

brothers began writing the report in January 2020, Cameron said in an interview with McCormack.


„We started thinking about what the government has done with the US dollar in the last decade or so and the traditional types of value reserves and hedges,“ Cameron explained. The twins stopped working on the report in March, when COVID gained a global position. They resumed the article several months later after assessing the economic changes caused by the virus.


Tyler said he and his brother began buying BTC in 2012. Part of the justification for the report was an assessment of the asset’s performance in the surrounding economy over the past decade.


Although a growing number of optimistic forecasts for Bitcoin emerged over 2020, some remained skeptical, such as the Peter Schiff gold bug.

Square kauft Bitcoin im Wert von 50 Millionen Dollar

Square kauft Bitcoin im Wert von 50 Millionen Dollar

Square Inc., ein Zahlungsmittelunternehmen von Jack Dorsey, hat kürzlich eine große Wette auf Bitcoin abgeschlossen. Das von Twitter-Gründern geführte Unternehmen kaufte kürzlich 4.700 BTC im Wert von etwa 50 Millionen Dollar.
Die einheitliche Währung der Welt

Jack Dorsey glaubt, dass Bitcoin die weltweit einheitliche Währung sein wird. Sein letztes Gebot für den Kauf von 4.700 Bitcoins war Teil eines Investitionsplans, den das Unternehmen zuvor mitteilte. Nachdem das Unternehmen seine finanziellen Verpflichtungen laut Bitcoin Billionaire gegenüber den Aktionären getilgt hatte, wollte es am Ende des zweiten Quartals 2020 rund 1 % seines Gesamtvermögens investieren.

Square kauft Bitcoin im Wert von 50 Millionen Dollar

Amrita Ahuja, die Finanzchefin von Square, erklärte den Grund für diesen Schritt. Sie sagte, dass Bitcoin das Potenzial hat, in Zukunft „eine allgegenwärtigere Währung“ zu werden. Sie sagte auch, dass sie mit zunehmender Einführung der Kryptowährung auch „lernen und diszipliniert teilnehmen“ wollen. Für ein Unternehmen, das Produkte auf der Grundlage einer integrativeren Zukunft entwickelt, ist diese Investition ein Schritt auf diesem Weg“. Sie bemerkte auch, dass die Struktur von Bitcoin sicherstellt, dass der Wert von Bitcoin erst mit der Zeit zunimmt.
Dorseys Optimismus über Bitcoin

Der Gründer und CEO von Square, Jack Dorsey, ist sehr optimistisch in Bezug auf Bitcoin und ist einer der lautstärksten Unterstützer des Projekts in der Technologiebranche. Er hat in der Vergangenheit festgestellt, dass Kryptowährungen eine Gelegenheit bieten könnten, die dazu beiträgt, mehr Menschen in das Finanzsystem zu bringen. Er hat es auch eine transformative Technologie genannt, die in 10 Jahren zur weltweit einheitlichen Währung werden könnte.

Square schuf eine Kapitalallokationsstrategie, nachdem es seine Finanzergebnisse für das 2. Quartal 2020 bekannt gegeben hatte. Er hatte in dem Plan Raum für Bitcoin-Investitionen geschaffen, abgesehen von anderen traditionellen Investitionsentscheidungen. Da das institutionelle Interesse an Kryptowährungen durch Bitcoin Billionaire wächst, ist auch der Preis von Bitcoin hoch geblieben. In den vergangenen Wochen setzte er eine Rallye fort.

PayPal Holdings, ein weiteres Zahlungsunternehmen, hat ebenfalls eine Kryptostrategie im Auge. Es freut sich Berichten zufolge darauf, seinen 320 Millionen Benutzern Krypto-Optionen anzubieten.

BitMEX w odpowiedzi na CFTC: Będziemy nadal działać normalnie, fundusze są bezpieczne

BitMEX wydał oficjalne oświadczenie w odpowiedzi na amerykańską CFTC, mówiąc, że będzie zwalczać zarzuty, gwarantując jednocześnie, że fundusze są bezpieczne.

W nieco nieoczekiwanym obrocie wydarzeń Komisja Handlu Towarami i Kontraktami Terminowymi Stanów Zjednoczonych postawiła zarzuty właścicielom-operatorom Bitcoin Lifestyle za nielegalne prowadzenie giełdy kryptowalut i nieprzestrzeganie przepisów dotyczących przeciwdziałania praniu pieniędzy.

Jak informował dzisiaj CryptoPotato , miało to natychmiastowy wpływ na cenę Bitcoina , która po wiadomościach spadła aż o około 400 USD

Teraz BitMEX opublikował oficjalne ogłoszenie z krótkim komentarzem do sprawy, przedstawiając swój sprzeciw wobec decyzji rządu.

W rozmowie stwierdzono, że decyzja była „surowa” i że zamierzają energicznie bronić zarzutów. Co więcej, BitMEX dodał, że od samego początku swojej działalności „zawsze starali się przestrzegać obowiązujących przepisów prawa Stanów Zjednoczonych, tak jak te prawa były rozumiane w tamtym czasie i na podstawie dostępnych wskazówek”.

Ponadto platforma zapewniła, że będzie działać „całkowicie normalnie”, gwarantując jednocześnie bezpieczeństwo wszystkich środków.

Może ci się spodobać również:

Bitcoin spada o 400 USD, gdy CFTC obciąża właścicieli BitMEX nielegalną obsługą giełdy kryptowalut
Kiedy Bitcoin osiągnie 100 000 dolarów, Mike Novogratz przekaże większość swoich zysków na cele charytatywne

Opinia: Bitcoin jest prawdziwym zwycięzcą od pierwszej debaty prezydenckiej Trump v Biden
Niektórzy członkowie społeczności zauważyli, że wypłaty były przetwarzane szybciej niż zwykle. W tym celu BitMEX wyjaśnił, że „aby rozwiać wszelkie obawy klientów, oczekujące żądania wypłaty zostały przetworzone o 17:45 UTC, zgodnie z naszymi standardowymi procedurami”. W przypadku kolejnych wypłat giełda zapowiedziała, że będzie przebiegać normalnie.

Prezydent Maduro: Wenezuela szuka możliwości wykorzystania kryptowaluty w handlu globalnym

Prezydent Wenezueli Maduro przedstawił nowe prawo antysankcyjne, które może umożliwić krajowi wykorzystywanie kryptowalut do globalnych transakcji.

Historia kryptowaluty Wenezueli trwa, gdy prezydent tego kraju Nicolas Maduro przedstawił nowe przypadki użycia

Niedawny raport informował, że kraj Ameryki Południowej bada możliwość wykorzystania aktywów cyfrowych w handlu obok krajowego Petro.

Prezydent Maduro przedstawił nowe prawo antysankcyjne w Konstytucyjnym Zgromadzeniu Narodowym. W niedawnym przemówieniu zapewnił:

„Ustawa antysankcyjna jest pierwszą odpowiedzią, która daje nową siłę używaniu petro i innych kryptowalut, krajowych i globalnych, w handlu krajowym i zagranicznym, tak aby można było używać wszystkich kryptowalut światowych, państwowych i prywatnych. To ważny projekt, który jest w fazie rozwoju ”.

Wiadomość pojawiła się po tym, jak Maduro zasugerował w zeszłym roku, że jego kraj może przyjąć płatności kryptowalutowe.

Może ci się spodobać również:

29 osób używających kryptowalut do finansowania dżihadystów i członków Al-Kaidy aresztowanych we Francji

Max Keizer: Bitcoin zniszczy wszystkie inne kryptowaluty

Raport chińskich mediów: kryptowaluty to najskuteczniejsze aktywa roku 2020

Ponadto Wenezuela podpisała latem tego roku nową umowę podatkową, która umożliwiła krajowi rozpoczęcie pobierania podatków i opłat w Petro.

Badanie opublikowane przez CryptoPotato ujawniło, że aktywa cyfrowe już odgrywają istotną rolę w zmagającej się gospodarce kraju. Nasilający się kryzys finansowy w Wenezueli wywołał znaczne zainteresowanie kryptowalutami, ponieważ ludzie szukają możliwości ucieczki przed dewaluującą walutą krajową.

Wolumen Bitcoin peer-to-peer jest przykładem rosnącego zainteresowania podstawową kryptowalutą w kraju. Zgodnie z danymi z, wolumen BTC P2P na LocalBitcoins stale rośnie w ciągu ostatnich kilku miesięcy.

O Efeito Setembro – Você deve se preocupar?

  • O Efeito de Setembro sugere que as ações têm seu pior desempenho em setembro
  • A teoria é de certa forma tênue, apoiada pelo desempenho passado
  • O desempenho histórico do Bitcoin em Septembers, que já passou por uma fase de transição, alimenta a sugestão de que ele não é imune.

O Efeito Setembro não é apenas um conto de velhas esposas, ou melhor, é, mas não é um conto apenas abraçado por velhas esposas. A teoria do Efeito Setembro diz que setembro é tradicionalmente o mês em que as ações têm o pior desempenho, e é apoiado por estatísticas sobre o assunto. Sendo a Bitcoin Up um mercado muito diferente das ações tradicionais, será que ela sucumbe ao mesmo mal-estar de setembro? A resposta pode surpreendê-lo.

O que é o Efeito Setembro?

O Efeito Setembro foi assim denominado porque, de acordo com a Bíblia dos comerciantes O Almanaque do Trader de Ações, em média, setembro é o mês em que os três principais índices do mercado acionário, o Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA), o S&P 500 e o Nasdaq, geralmente apresentam os mais pobres. Isto não é ficção – o idioma é apoiado por mais de cem anos de dados – embora o número de comerciantes que o subscrevem atualmente seja desconhecido.

As razões do Efeito Setembro ainda são uma questão de conjectura, com alguns analistas considerando que o efeito negativo sobre os mercados é devido ao viés de comportamento sazonal, já que os investidores mudam suas carteiras no final do verão a fim de fazer dinheiro. Outros sugerem que os fundos mútuos depositam dinheiro em suas participações neste momento para colher prejuízos fiscais.

A Bitcoin é Susceptível?

Qualquer que seja o motivo, o Efeito Setembro existe, ou certamente tem até este ponto. A grande questão para os comerciantes de Bitcoin, entretanto, é se os mercados de moedas criptográficas são suscetíveis aos mesmos caprichos sazonais. Se você é um crente nos gráficos não atribuídos do Twitter, a resposta é sim:

O gráfico acima sugere que Bitcoin de fato experimenta os menores retornos em setembro, com janeiro e junho ficando para trás, embora sem nenhuma fonte citada não possamos ter certeza de sua legitimidade.

Uma verificação grosseira do desempenho da Bitcoin nos últimos cinco anos de preços sugere, no entanto, que o gráfico pode estar certo afinal – desde 2015, apenas uma vez no mês de setembro a Bitcoin encerrou o mês mais alto do que onde ela começou.

Em todos os outros anos, inclusive durante a corrida de 2017, a Bitcoin havia terminado o mês de setembro mais baixo do que o ponto de partida. O Efeito Setembro está, ao que parece, vivo e de pontapés no que diz respeito à Bitcoin.

Faça dessas estatísticas muito rudes o que quiser, mas provavelmente não é o movimento mais sábio para basear sua filosofia comercial em padrões vagos que remontam aos mercados de ações da primeira era da guerra mundial.

Top Analist Zegt Twee Altcoins op Ultra Moon Mission Als Bitcoin Eyes $11.400

Volgens Michaël van de Poppe, een cryptoanalist en handelaar, lijken twee altcoins zich op te stellen om grote winsten te boeken.


In een nieuwe strategie sessie, de technische handelaar bekend in de industrie als Crypto Michaël zegt zowel de Curve Dao Token (CRV) en Swipe (SXP) „zal gaan op een ultra maan missie.“


CRV is een bestuursteken voor het Curve-platform dat medio augustus bij bijna $12, volgens CoinMarketCap, deputeerde. Het is aangezien in prijs gedaald en bij $1.02 op tijdstip van het schrijven handel drijft. Van de Poppe zegt als het terugkaatst en $1.65 breekt het van dat kon springen en $2.22-$2.70 bereiken.


SXP machtigt het Swipe Netwerk en zijn portemonnee-applicatie. Na het raken van alle-tijd-hoogten van ongeveer $5.00 in midden van augustus, heeft het ook sindsdien in prijs gedaald en handelt bij $1.31 op het tijdstip van het schrijven, volgens CoinMarketCap.


Van de Poppe zegt Swipe zich zijdelings gaat bewegen, potentieel rond $1, alvorens het een nieuwe stiercyclus kan beginnen. Nadat het hogere hoogte en lagere dieptepunten begint te raken, voorspelt hij dat het zal uitbreken en $3.00 zal richten.


De handelaar merkt ook op dat het lijkt alsof de Bitcoin op het huidige prijsniveau blijft. BTC handelt op het moment van schrijven tegen $10.727,64.


„Ziet er klaar uit om de $10.700-10.800 gebieden te testen en misschien zelfs $11.200-11.400 als de dollar een beetje vertraagt.“

In the publication that we develop below, we elaborate a technical and fundamental analysis of the Chainlink token, in order to know its current state, and to take advantage of the available data to try to forecast its near future.

Without a doubt, this is one of the tokens that has given us the most to talk about The News Spy in recent months. Although it does not even have its own blockchain, it has been consolidating itself as the 5th largest crypt currency in the market.

Since March, LINK has appreciated more than 1.370%, which has provoked an unprecedented positivism in its ecosystem.
In spite of this, as is normal, while small investors were adding to the parabolic increase, its developers began to get rid of several million tokens, for approximately $40 million, according to data from research carried out by TrustNodes.

In August, according to the movements tracked, the development team behind the project was transferring around 500,000 units of LINK per week.

As a result of this continuous increase in the supply left by the largest, after reaching an all-time high of $20, Chainlink began to decline. At the time of this writing its price is $12.17 per unit.


Despite this, the meteoric rise has left a solid upward trend in the medium term. The Return on Investment that it has generated is over 9.000%, which will continue to generate a lot of positivity in its investors thanks to a more than evident historical upward trend.


On-chain metrics indicate that there is a solid base behind its volatile price increase

Three key metrics, such as the number of active addresses, addresses with a non-zero balance, and the number of LINK tokens available in exchanges, can be used as key indicators to rule out possible pumping and dumping as some analysts think happened with Chainlink.

Active addresses in the Chainlink network went from 970 to 14,255 in only 8 months, while wallets with a balance greater than zero doubled in the same period of time.

From June 2019 to date, the number of LINK units available in exchanges has decreased dramatically, by almost 40%. This is a signal that is often taken as positive for the price, as investors tend to bring their currencies to the exchanges when they are looking to get rid of them, and conversely keep their position in cold wallets when they have an upward view of the price.